Our Services
Acoustic Emission Inspection Inc. offers complete on-site inspection services performed with state-of-the-art computer-based systems by ASNT certified operators and technicians. We employ the latest technology software packages available.

Our test certifications include, but are not limited to:
API Storage Tanks
Rail Tank Car
Specialized Pressure Vessels

Our testing experience includes:
Metal Vessels
Fiberglass Vessels
Pipeline Systems
Railroad Tank Cars
Tube Trailers
Leak Detection
Complete Unit Cooldown
QA/QC Testing
Flat Bottom Storage Tanks
Cooling Tower Fan Blades
Concrete Structures
Tank Bottom Leak Detection
On-line Continuous Monitoring Systems for Structures
Laboratory Testing

Our engineering capabilities enable us to thoroughly evaluate various operating conditions to develop an effective use of AE technology. While many standard test methods are covered by well established methods (MONPAC, CARP, etc.), others may necessitate a more detailed evaluation of factors such as combinations of pressure/temperature loads, unique geometries and operating conditions. Additionally, unique test applications often require specialized data analysis techniques to assure accurate analysis of test results. Our broad range of experience enables us to develop specialized test methods, ensure that proper signal detection methods are employed and use appropriate data analysis techniques to locate emission sources and measure their significance relative to the test objective.

The very latest technology available in the field of AE testing. This analysis software package permits fast and accurate analysis of collected AE test data with repeatable and comparable results. This data base consists of over 3,000 test case histories.

We have excellent laboratory facilities available in all of our locations for feasibility studies of unique or unusual AE applications or for standard AE testing performed during programmed loading test specimens. Whatever your application is, chances are we've encountered it during our working history.

Supervise of observe QA/QC tests to your specifications at vendor shops or any site you specify.

We offer AE training that can be customized to accommodate your particular application, as well as the training of your personnel on the proper useof any AE test equipment (yours or ours). We offer AE systems installation and the on-site certifiable training of your personnel to properly operate these systems, under the direction of an ASNT Certified Level III.