When it comes to acoustic emission (AE) testing, customers need an experienced provider of services--a company whom they can depend on to take care of all the minute details of the project. Acoustic Emission Inspection, Inc. is just such a dependable, take charge company.

Acoustic Emission Inspection, Inc. offers its customers unnrivaled acoustic emission (AE) testing services, including consulting and training programs to ensure that AEI clients reap maximum benefits. Services are performed by ASNT-SNT-TC-1A certified operators providing experienced AE Inspection. AEI utilizes state-of-the-art, computer based systems in conjunction with the latest technology software available to provide unsurpassed expertise in the nondestructive testing industry.

Drawing on more than 70 man-years' experience in AE inspection, all AEI employees have extensive training and certification. Acoustic emission testing offers clients global testing that allows for inspection of an entire vessel or even a multitude of vessels for flaws and defects. By specifically designing sensor coverage on the surface of each test item, acoustic emission testing assures that any defect stimulated by the imposed test load will become part of the recorded test data. This is accomplished by increasing the pressure inside a vessel 5% to 10% above it's normal operating pressure while monitoring for the defect response to pressure increase. Our ASNT Level III certification allows us to thoroughly address any unique AE testing requirement not covered by existing codes that we may encounter.

AEI is unequaled in our ability to perform on-stream inspections. On-stream inspection is proven to be the most efficient testing procedure in terms of both time and cost. Customers save money because there are none of the production outages and no hidden loss-of-production costs usually associated with off-line inspections.

To best serve our broad customer base, AEI has facilities throughout the Mississippi Valley. Each location provides the same high quality service and dedication to customer service which has set AEI apart. Although our offices are based in the South, our work experience has spread throughout the world, from Aramco in Saudi Arabia to close-to-home companies along the Gulf Coast.

The point is that whatever your acoustic emission needs are, AEI will provide you premium acoustic emission testing services to meet your requirements.

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